About us

"I believe interiors should stir the imagination, be infused with personality, and satisfy your dreams." - Debrae Little

The Business

At DLI Interiors, we pride ourselves on creating design forward interiors that break from convention and celebrate imaginative improvisation. Our designs bring to life the very essence of luxury, leaving you with a space that feels both elegant and uniquely tailored to your tastes. We provide the following services: kitchen and bath design, outdoor living, home renovations, home decor styling and more.

The Innovator

Debraé Little's journey to becoming the principal designer of DLI Interiors in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a testament to a life lived by design. Her career began in theater as a costume designer, where she dressed legendary performers like Placido Domingo and Maria Ewing for their leading roles. She later worked with icons of the music industry, including Bon Jovi, but it was her work in Hollywood that set the bar for her artistry. Working with the likes of Samuel L. Jackson and Jon Voight, Debraé achieved a level of artistry and excellence that demanded attention. It was this experience that provided the impetus for her to expand her talents beyond costuming and into interior design. She studied interior design at the University of California Los Angeles and established DL design studio.

Dorothy Draper

“You need courage to experiment, courage to seek out your own taste and express it, courage to disregard stereotyped ideas and try your own.”